Why we exist

The Future of AI and the Need for AIProductOps

Within the next two years more than 60% of your favorite everyday products will be AI-first products. They will be seamlessly integrated into your life and will, in best case, support us as close companions, know us well and understand how to help us on an individual base.

That’s what we believe in, and have prepared for, for many years.

To achieve this, AI needs to be taken out of the lab and explore the real world. Finally. The last decades, enough money was poured into technology-first approaches, where the measure of performance did only consider technical metrics. A lot of value was lost, because globally AI teams did not think about the end user, the application, the ROI. Will my AI technology be useful? Will it be usable? Will it ever result in a product? 

We at Impact AI want to make sure, that this approach changes. We want AI to go out there and conquer the world, to be innovative but also valuable, to be cutting-edge but also safe, to align with the values of the business as much as it does with the values of the user. We envision a world where AI-first products are an integral part of our day-to-day lives, amplifying our capabilities and making life more efficient and enjoyable. However, with such potential comes great responsibility for the teams who develop them. As these technologies become more ubiquitous, it's imperative that we prioritize their quality.

That's why we believe, AI Product Managers and their high performing AI Teams need to be empowered. They are the ones, who need to be able to foresee and control the performance of the AI Product they ideate. They need to find conviction if an application will be valuable enough to be developed. They need to be able to automatically pull information from any angle of the application they steer - be it technical, business, or legal related.

AIProductOps is needed to craft AI products that truly resonate with human needs.

It's about ensuring that the AI we develop and release into the world is not only innovative but also of the highest quality. It's about creating real, tangible value centered for businesses, centered around their customers needs.

The transition to an AI-first world is inevitable. But the manner in which we approach, shape, and navigate this transition can determine the difference between a future that's merely technologically advanced and one that's both advanced and profoundly human-centric.

Start to build the future